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Let’s be honest, one of the most crucial things to get right on your wedding day is your dress! It’s what you dream about when you’re a little girl and what truly makes you feel like a princess for the day.

But there are so many questions to ask yourself before you start like: What style should I go for? What shape suits my figure? How much do I spend? Should I go for a designer? Where are bridal shops in Leeds? It’s a lot to think about.

Luckily for me my lovely mum came up to Leeds to help and we made our way around various bridal shops. We visited a few independent bridal shops in central Leeds and the outskirts as well as some chains like Wed2Be. I’m not going to lie it was OVERWHELMING at first! You’d walk into a shop with just rails and rails of white dresses often in bags so it was so hard to see what they looked like and if you liked them. I was also surprised at the lack of advice from staff at some shops, perhaps that’s fine when you know what you want, but I had no idea so needed the guidance!

After a long 4 hour slog where I’d gotten a bit hot and bothered and not really seen anything that wowed me, I’d began to feel a bit demotivated and was ready to throw in the towel and try again another day. We were about to head back when I remembered there was a place in Castleford. I’d driven past it and spotted it a few times and thought it was worth a look as I’ve heard it’s very affordable.

What a surprise! The shop is called Elite Bridal and it’s super easy to find as it’s just off the motorway by Xscape. It doesn’t look much from the outside just a simple warehouse style building, but inside it’s so beautiful top to bottom draped in voile with a stunning chandelier in the centre and a 360 degree room top to bottom of stunning dresses.
Elite Bridal Outlet Castleford
The best part was how refreshing it was to have lovely friendly staff guide us around the collections and help me select dresses based on what I thought I wanted. Before I knew it the staff had whipped round the dresses and collected about 8 different styles to help me narrow down the search. I soon realised I wanted sleeves and surprised myself as I fell in love with some big dresses with trains and hooped skirts (I originally thought I’d be in a figure hugging number all the way).

My camera ran out of battery in the shop so here are some snaps of me getting into my dream dress on my wedding day…
Getting in my wedding dress

The dressJust marriedBride and bridesmaids
And just look at the stunning details…

Wedding dress details

My mum cried. Check. I felt like a princess. Check. And I knew Joe would love it. Check!

The dress was so affordable costing just under £800!!!! They have an alterations team too so you don’t have to find somewhere else.

I honestly could not recommend Elite Bridal enough, their staff were just brilliant from start to finish so friendly, warm and helpful and of course they have such a beautiful collection. They also have shops in Huddersfield and Hull. I was lucky enough to meet their designer at one of my dress fittings and I couldn’t believe how talented she was, she sketches every dress from scratch and some of them (like mine) are one of a kind!

If you’re looking for high quality but affordable wedding dresses in West Yorkshire I would 100% recommend paying a visit to Elite Bridal. On my wedding day I don’t think there was one person who didn’t comment on how insanely beautiful the detail and cut of my dress was and ultimately, I felt like a million dollars because of it!

If you want to know more watch this video, which beautifully sums up everything you need to know about Elite Bridal:

Let me know where you bought your wedding dress from or if you’re still on the hunt for your dream dress, I’d love to hear from you!

Danielle x

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