There are no words that can justify the beauty, culture, atmosphere,  food and simply the experience of Sorrento.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was, both my first trip to Italy and the town itself! I would go as far as to say its the most beautiful place I have been to date. I could spend hours writing up reviews on each restaurant or reciting each day trip, but as there are so many great guides out there already, I’ve decided that instead I’ll share my dreamy break along the Italian coast in pictures to give you a snapshot of what it was like…

The beautiful town that is Sorrento
Sorrento review - behind the blonde

Our hotel – La Vue Dior
la vue dior review

The lemons
Lemon shop Sorrento

The gelato
Sorrento icecream gelato shop

The island of the rich and famous, Capri
Capri - Italy

The fresh food from Marina Grande
fresh italian seafood

The laid back culture
Eating pasta sign

The relaxing island of thermal spas, Ischia
negombo thermal spa - Ischia

The quirky transport
Sorrento transport taxi

The friendly cats
sorrento cat

And the care free dogs
Sorrento dog

The romance
Ristorante Parracchiano sorrento

The ruins… Pompeii

The alcohol
Limoncello sorrento

The stunning Amalfi coast, Positano
Positano - behindtheblonde

The sunset
Sorrento Sunset Marina Grande

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Of course if you are planning a trip to Sorrento and you’d like more detail or some advice from someone who has been, then just leave me a comment or tweet me and I’ll gladly tell you everything I know 🙂

Did you fall in love with Italy like I did? Let me know if you’ve been to Sorrento!


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