Linda Barker baking at WrenA few weeks ago I was invited along to a lovely little blogger event at the Wren Kitchens HQ. It was an opportunity for us local bloggers to test and taste three of Linda Barker’s favourite family recipes sent in by people on Instagram as part of the #WrensFamilyFavourites campaign.

Linda cookery at wren - mixing bowl and ingredientsI was expecting, delicious, but complicated, fancy recipes with names I couldn’t pronounce and recipes I’d never be able to follow. But actually all of Linda’s favourites were really simple, hearty, good grub recipes: marble cake, peanut butter and banana loaf (obviously this was my favourite – it had peanut butter in it duh!) and mince pies. So I actually watched in amazement thinking ‘I could totally cook this’.

Marble cakeI also really liked that Linda’s own entry was posh fish finger sarnies, this actually has to be one of my favourite meals growing up – maybe a bit less posh, but you can’t beat crispy fish fingers in soft, thick, white bread with a good dollop of Tommy K.

Danielle and Ellenor laughing at Wren eventDanielle and Gaby taking selfieThe evening was a lovely chance to meet some new Yorkshire bloggers (Gaby, Kayleigh and Ellenor), whilst sipping on Prosecco, taking selfies and pretending we were on the Great British Bake Off. What’s more, I was only a few miles away from where I grew up as Wren HQ is based in Barton in North Lincolnshire so I really got into the family favourite vibe.

Linda Barker cookery classMeeting Linda Barker was of course a highlight, she’s so warm and friendly, exactly how I imagined her and she certainly gave Mary Berry a run for her money as she talked us all through her baking dos and don’ts. Slightly irrelevant and off topic, but I couldn’t believe how great she looked, I was dying to ask her what foundation she used, but thought ‘we are here to cook, not swap make up tips’ and held back. One thing’s for sure, I hope I age as well as Linda, I remember watching Changing Rooms when I was like 10 and thinking she was gorgeous then, her skin is flawless and her bob made me want to get the chop again on my own locks!

Danielle, Gaby and Ellenor in Wren kitchenDanielle mid sentanceAs well as Linda’s cookery class we also got the chance to have a good snoop around Linda’s Wren kitchen collection which was really sleek, pretty and techy (hobs that heat up where ever you put the pan and fancy pop up extractor fans). I loved how Linda used accessories to add pops of colour and personality to her ranges it gave me load of ideas. I’m currently looking to buy my first home here in Leeds (EXCITING) so I loved having inspiration from a proper design guru like Linda.

Scrapbook makingDanielle's wooden mixing spoonThank you to the whole team at Wren for arranging such a fab event for us local bloggers and of course for inviting me along. The event felt special and really thought out, which really stood out to me. Little touches like our own pretty scrapbooks to fill with our own recipes, personalised aprons, this amazing wooden spoon and of course free freshly cooked food by Linda made us bloggers all feel so welcome and relaxed – maybe too relaxed as me and Gaby definitely had way to much bubbly!

Danielle x

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