My deskI find it so hard to concentrate or put my mind to anything when my room is messy or cluttered. Every week I force myself to organise my life and I always end up saying to myself, ‘just stay on top of it, put things straight back where they belong and it won’t get like this again’. Then Monday night arrives, I throw my clothes onto the floor after a draining day at work, I leave my make up scattered all over my dressing table, abandon my plan to hoover and hey presto, mid week it looks like a bomb has gone off in my room again. Stressful.

So, if I plan do any work at all I have to do a total top to bottom clean of my room, partially procrastinating, partially because I genuinely am too distracted by the clutter.

Then after my half hearted clean up (shove stuff in drawers, put a load in the washer, cram clothes into my bursting wardrobe) I can now attempt to be more organised in life.

Step 1 – A calendar

Cute calendarI found this amazing free printable calendar made by the wonderful blogger, Eliza Ellis. Since printing this out I actually feel like I am sorting my life out, I now know what today’s date is, I can scribble my sisters birthday down and best of all I can count down the days until the weekend – why ever haven’t I had a ‘proper’ calendar before?!

Step 2 – Reminders of all the to do’s

Weekly planner

Having notes in my calendar alone is not enough, I need reminders to be IN MY FACE every morning to make sure it really sinks in. I love this cute pin up weekly chart from Not on the High Street, it even comes with a magnetic pencil.

Step 3 – Make lists of the lists

Etsy notepad

Obviously?! Come on who can get through the day/life without at least 3 notepads full of unordered notes – not me that’s who. I enjoy lots of different sized pads from super mini A6 pads that I can fit in the inside pocket of my bags to jot down my shopping list, to posh tabbed A4 pads for serious work stuff. I have found some really, really pretty notepads that I am going to order on Esty.

Step 4 – Keep a schedule & set goals

Diet coke

I like to set myself little targets and deadlines, that little bit of pressure forces me to finish what I am doing however laborious. The other day I was actually discussing with my friends that I now set goals when I have my bedtime read, ‘must make page 249 before… sleeping… 3 more pages’.

However, my all time favourite goal (especially at work) has to be treating myself to Diet Coke time!