So it’s 10 years since I left secondary school -scary right!? The year 2007 was the year I waved goodbye to lots of good and bad high school memories. But looking back I wish I could have had a word with myself. There were so many daft things that held me back.

Like many females, I was hugely critical and unsure of myself as a teenager. So now with the luxury of good old hindsight, here’s what I would tell the self-conscious younger me…

  1. Love your height
    Boys that call you lanky are insecure and intimidated by the fact that they are smaller than a girl. You’re not going to shrink anytime soon. So stand up tall and strong, and own that you are 5ft10.
  2. Embrace your freckles
    Stop hating on your freckles! In the future people actually draw fake freckles on because they want them so much. Plus they make you look youthful, sun kissed and pretty.
  3. Don’t try to change for a boy
    If a boy ever starts a sentence with “you’d be better if…” then they aren’t the one for you. Boys will tell you they’d prefer you to do the following: put on weight, lose weight, dye your hair, get tattoos, wear less make up, wear more make up, wear less clothes, wear more clothes, get your teeth straightened, get a boob job… the list goes on. In the words of Beyoncé: “tell ‘em boy bye!”
  4. Accept you’re fair skinned
    Slap on the factor 30 sister and admit that you burn like a crisp. No sun beds, no sunburn, no skin damage. Fake tan was invented for a reason, so look after your fair skin and top your tan up with a bit of the fake stuff. Go easy though, bronzed is the shade you want – not tangoed!
  5. Your boobs aren’t going to grow
    Ok so listen I know big boobs are the one thing every teenage girl thinks they need in order to feel like a woman, but let’s face facts you are a B cup and that’s where it’s going to stay. No magical pill is going to change the way you’re SUPPOSED to be. You’ll grow up to love your size, there are so many benefits. Also a quick FYI avoid the chicken fillets – they fall out!
  6. Your acne won’t last forever
    Even though your acne seems like the end of the world, I promise its not. Your skin will clear up. Slowly but surely you will feel like you again. Don’t listen to people who tell you your make-up is making it worse, they don’t understand. Do whatever you want to feel confident!
  7. Take a compliment
    One of the most empowering things you can start doing is taking a compliment. The next time someone tells you that they like your outfit or that your hair looks nice or that they wish they were tall like you, resist the temptation to start arguing that they are wrong or saying stuff like: I hate being tall/this outfit is old/my roots need doing. Instead say thank you and smile – it will feel good. And be sure to compliment other people too. Spread the love.
  8. Leave your eyebrows alone
    Don’t and I repeat DON’T over pluck your eyebrows, because guess what? They won’t grow back and pencil thin eyebrows are only cool for like 2 years of school! This is crucial in saving you lots of time and money in the future on trying all sorts of products and potions to get thicker brows.
  9. Enjoy not getting a hangover
    Treasure the years of being able to bounce back after a night out and pull pints the next day. Your days of drinking with no hangover are limited. As you creep towards your mid-twenties your ability to spring into action and conquer the day starts to diminish. Instead, you’ll have your head down the toilet, be bed bound until 2pm and ordering a McDonalds to your house by 3pm in order to survive (yes, in the future a magical invention called Uber Eats exists).
  10. Never stop smiling!
    If someone puts you down, the best thing you can do is hold your head up high and smile. As soon as those nasty people realise you that don’t care they’ll get bored. Your smile is your secret weapon and your signature! Be goofy; love your friends and enjoy being young.

*SPOLIER ALERT* One day you meet someone who would never ever want to put you down. This person will love you for you.

What would you tell your teenage self? Share your words of wisdom 🙂

Danielle x

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