I’ve been longing for an Olivia Burton watch for ages. I love the simple, traditional leather strapped style with the beautiful big dial.Every pay day I‘ve had my eye on them as I desperately need a watch that WORKS, so finally I bit the bullet and got this stunning lilac and rose gold number. Even better, Olivia Burton were offering free engraving to celebrate the launch of the new Luxe store in Wakefield’s Trinity Walk, so of course I was the first one there stood in the queue to get it personalisedI mean who even knew that Olivia Burton personalised watches?

It’s such a gorgeous touch on a piece of jewellery, it somehow immediately makes it more meaningful and sentimental and it would make the perfect gift. But I was selfish and chose one for myself!

When it came to what to engrave I chose just a simple ‘D’ for Danielle as my last name will be changing next year (ahhh did I mention I’m getting married!!!) and then followed by a love heart – just because.

I’m already so attached and I’ve worn it pretty much every day since. It’s effortless and goes with everything!

What do you think of these personalised watches? Fancy treating yourself or buying one as a gift?

Danielle x

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