It’s been 6 months since I took the big leap to move to the city and although Leeds is relatively small compared to cities like London or Birmingham, it’s a world away from the little village I grew up in near the small industrial town of ‘sunny Scunny’. The novelty still hasn’t worn off either; huge shopping centres, 5 trillion restaurants, plenty of hipster coffee shops, cute boutiques and an Ikea – hurrah!

Leeds Victoria Quarter

Living smack bang in the centre my little one bedroom flat is so handy, granted it is expensive, but I think it is so worth it. If I had chosen to live on the outskirts, without knowing the city (which I didn’t), then I just wouldn’t have had the same freedom to explore and find the hidden gems you stumble across when strolling around aimlessly. I also have a sweet little balcony (such a novelty) and even though it’s a tiny rectangle no wider than 7ft, that tiny bit of outdoor space makes all the difference. Small flats like mine can feel quite claustrophobic at times so the ability to step outside (sort of) is a luxury – plus it’s an amazing outfit planner, every morning I venture out before work and the outcome is currently, “Woah I am going to need more layers under this coat if I am to survive the walk to the car!”.

Here is the pretty little sunset view I snapped the other day from my balcony…

Leeds city view

So anyway, it’s safe to say I am really loving life here in Leeds so far. I have probably only eaten at 2% of the restaurants and bars in Leeds so I need to get myself out wining and dining a bit more before I can start making any valid recommendations, but currently The Botanist, Ambiente and Fazenda are serious contenders!