Monochrome interiors I read somewhere once that to add impact to monochrome themed rooms you should add a third accent colour, in my living room I’ve opted for a zesty lime green, but this could be dusty pink, grey, duck egg blue or even yellow!

I think black-and-white is such a timeless look, both in fashion and interiors. I am guilty of owning a very black wardrobe, I can’t help it – my excuse is that my accent colour is my blonde hair. But seriously I love the monochrome themes and stunning photography that lives on Pinterest. I probably spent (at least) two hours the other night addictively pinning gorgeous black-and-white themed rooms from bathrooms, offices to bedrooms and stunning living areas.

If I could paint our flat I would definitely be tempted to paint a wall black or invest in some monochrome wallpaper, I always feel when you change the colour of your walls it ups the ante and heightens the level commitment for the theme.

I am in love with the minimalist luxe look monochrome themes seem to ooze, here are just a few of my favourites knocking about on Pinterest.

monochrome office space

purple with monochrome interior

black and white living room

monochrome living room

Are you partial to the classic monochrome trend or are you all about bright colours?


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