Living in a flat can get really claustrophobic at times. I remember back when I first moved in, sorting my clothes into colour and style order, allocating a drawer for socks and a drawer for tights and I even organised the food in my fridge!

But soon real life passed me by and lots of ‘I’ll sort that mess out later’ resulted in the flat turning into a dumping ground. I know I should tidy it but there’s only one wardrobe and 2 sets of drawers, where else am I supposed to put all my things without them being on display?

Then the other day out of the blue I receive one of H&M’s notoriously tempting marketing emails, and I thought ‘right, delete this you are saving for your holiday! Stop. Don’t tease yourself!’. But I caught a glimpse at these pictures…Pink h&m storageSo naturally I had to visit the H&M storage page and see where on earth all these gorgeous things had been all my life. The next hour was then spent having a mad Pinterest flurry, pinning box after box and basket after basket, until before I knew it I’d started to fill my actual online shopping basket with these adorable copper baskets and this cute black storage bag.HM storage accessoriesI always forget about H&M home. They have the most stunning accessories, plus the best part is they are actually really affordable and unique!

Blue H&m storageI mean who doesn’t need a pack of little vases for all those stray flowers you pick up on a daily basis? Or a giant laundry bag to stylishly live in the bathroom? What’s not to love, the washing is hidden, it’s handy and it has handles.HM storageI do sometimes wish I could keep plants alive long enough to make stunning botanic garden displays like these beauties…botanical garden But the bag definitely will come in handy for all my wrapping papers if nothing else.HM storage sack and basketSo the moral of the story is: just because you have limited built-in storage doesn’t mean you have to shove all your belongings behind closed doors, buy some cute trendy accessories like these H&M gems and you can actually make a feature out of them.

If you haven’t already you really should check out the H&M Home section its so nice at the minute.

Does anyone else love a bit of visible storage, have an addition to boxes or do you hate the sight of clutter?


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