Carrie Bradshaw AppartmentLiving at home with my parents last summer I used to just sit and watch American TV series like Friends, Sex and the City, Big Bang Theory etc. and I would be so envious that I didn’t have my own trendy apartment in the city like them. And then last August everything happened at once, I moved to a new city, got a new job and moved into my very own (well rented) shiny new flat in Leeds. Walking up to the front door with the keys in hand was like the feeling of boarding a plane for your summer jollies, I had nervous butterflies whilst also feeling ridiculously giddy.

But then… we walked in.

The flat was drab, smelly and frankly soulless – my stomach sank. Slightly my own fault, I trusted my boyfriend, Joe, to look around the flat and he assured me that although it was a bit messy we could ‘make it our own’ and that it ‘had potential’. Well, he was right, after sulkily huffing and puffing around the flat we got to work on a full How Clean is Your House style detox clean. Once we got all our bits into the flat and after dozens of trips out to B&M Bargains, Ikea, The Range and Dunelm, we I lovingly added the finishing touches and the dingy flat suddenly felt a little bit like the apartments I had obsessed over – not quite like the Pinterest Boards, but there’s time.

My flat (kitchen, living room and hall)

It’s still a working progress and I would say every weekend I ‘accidently’ add to my interior accessories hoard. This weekend I spend over £60 in T K Maxx – I went in for a coat stand! So this is where we are at.

Kitchen jarsKitchen jars B&M Bargins

Rustic accessoriesLantern, plant, drawers T K Max   Candle & holder Wilkos  Elephant (old)

Dog print cushionStrippy cushion T K Maxx   Dog cushion Debenhams

I have to say almost half of my accessories are from B&M Bargins and I’m not afraid to own up to it. Honestly if you haven’t been already have a look, there are some really cool bits and they are soooo cheap!


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