I think I may have a problem… I think I’m addicted to Gü puddings!

It doesn’t help that they have been on offer all week or that every single flavour is absolutely UNREAL. I can’t even pick a favourite: salted caramel, millionaires cheesecake, lemon cheesecake, key lime pie – they’re all just so good.

So you get the message, I love these goddamn puds! Which means I have loads (over 30) of the glass ramekins stacked up in my kitchen – I told you it was bad. I thought about throwing some of them away as it was getting a bit excessive. But then I started to do a bit of Pinterest research and I was inspired to repurpose my pots in lots of creative ways. Here are some of my favourite ideas…

  1. SUGAR JAR – These little guys are amazing if you have a few people over and you don’t know who takes sugar and who doesn’t, just fill up the pot and leave people to do their own (maybe I’m just a lazy host).Gu Sugar
  2. NUTS – These jars are also great for popping nibbles together like nuts (my fave) or dips for Dorritos for those Netflix and Sky box-set marathons – I’m currently obsessed with The Affair!Gu nuts
  3. OLIVES – If you’re extra fancy you can put buffet style nibbles like olives or cheese and pineapple cocktail sticks in these little jars to look super sophisticated at your next shindig.Gu olives
  4. CANDLE HOLDERS – Some people actually pour candle wax into the pots so they look like shop bought candles, but I just pop tea lights in them. They look so nice dotted outside on a warm evening or around the house in winter. Is it bad that I try to combat putting the heating on by lighting about 20 candles in these little jars? 🙂gü candles
  5. FLOWER VASE – These shallow dainty glass pots look beautiful with a sprinkling of flowers on top. I did this when one of my Gerbera heads fell off a bunch of flowers Joe bought me and it looked so pretty. I also love the idea of using a handful of wild flowers like these beauties.Gu wild flowers
  6. STATIONARY STORAGE – I’ve actually put a few of these on my desk filled with paper clips and pins and they make my desk look really neat and tidy, plus they are super accessible.Gu stationary
  7. FRUIT POTS – Ok, this is kind of similar to the olives nibbles idea, but the bright red cherries just look so pretty and striking in this picture that I had to include them as an additional point.CHEZZERS
  8. SWEETIES – Great size for portion control! If you’re trying to be good theses jars force you to limit yourself. I always pour sweets or treats into these jars when my 3 year old niece comes to visit (mainly because I’m selfish and don’t want her scoffing the whole bag!).Gu sweets
  9. SEWING KIT – I mean who even has a sewing kit nowadays? Just chuck your spare ribbon and those mini sewing kits from your Christmas crackers into one of these glass ramekins.Gu sewing box
  10. BAKING PREP – I don’t really bake. I like the idea of it and love Bake Off, but the reality is I’m lazy and I burn everything. However, if I did bake or if I come to glazing a homemade pie I will definitely be mixing my egg in one of these. Gu eggs
  11. JUNK COLLECTOR – You know all those small toys or bits and bobs you have lying around the house – particularly if you have kids (yes I’m thinking Happy Meals junk… I mean toys)? Well now you shove them in a jar and hide them on a shelf somewhere to save painful foot injuries.Gu toys
  12. PAINTING – This is so much better then staining your best tumbler glasses. If you’re every trying your hand at some arts and crafts or a bit of watercolour then use these jars for your paints and water.Gu paint pot
  13. EXTRA FOOD – This one actually is so practical. You know when you have a pointless amount of beans left, you feel guilty throwing them away, but you don’t want to mucky up a whole bowl? Use a Gü pot. Problem solved.left over food in gu
  14. GROW A PLANT – Become a botanist by using the glass jars as super sweet plant pots. I love this idea, particularly for mini cactus collections or if you want to recreate your youth and grow cress in cotton wool.plant in gu jar
  15. MAKE YOUR OWN PUDS – Of course if you do fancy yourself as a bit of  a baker you could make your desserts. Like mini-crumbles or mousses to die for, you’ll look ultra posh. If only I could make something that looks this good, mmmm, this has to be the ultimate food porn or an advert for M&S…chocolate mousse

Am I the only one that has a borderline hoarding collection of Gü jars? Or have I missed another ingenious idea? Let me know!


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Images all taken from Pinterest