Winter skincare routine ESPA review Leeds bloggerI am so bad at neglecting my skin, I look in the mirror and know I need to do something about it, but think I’ll deal with it another day. So after months of putting it off I’ve decided it’s time to give my skin some much needed TLC! My face is particularly prone to dehydration at the best of times but the last few weeks have really taken their tole on my poor face, clearly demonstrated by my chapped lips, flaky skin and dry patches of foundation – not a good look.

I started by scrapping my existing skincare routine – if you can call it a regime, I’m literally talking a face wipe after a shower.

So off I went to invest in some amazing new products to help nourish my skin back to it’s former glory.

This of course involved a trip to Harvey Nichols and Boots. I headed straight towards the beauty counters and scanned my eyes across the shelves, fighting the urge to buy one of everything. I find it really confusing knowing what’s right for me as so many blogs I read and most of my close friends seem to suffer from oily skin so their product needs are totally different to mine. It’s also a bit scary to invest a lot of money into a little pot of white stuff when they all look the same with the lid off. Which ingredients are good? Is Dermologica better than Clinique? Should I get anti-wrinkle moisturiser now I’m 25? Is my skin sensitive and dry or just sensitive because it’s dry? So many questions.

ESPA refining skin polish reviewWell to be honest the fancy packaging and a tip off from one of the Channel make-up artists sucked me in and I chose the ESPA Refining Skin Polish to start my skin care revival. The design just oozes luxury and looks like a pamper treatment in a pot, plus after testing a little bit on my hand I knew this little pot was small but mighty.

The ESPA Refining Skin Polish defines itself as:

A gentle exfoliating facial cream to sweep away dull and dry skin while it helps brighten and revitalise. Spherical Diatomaceous Earth exfoliate skin to help clear pores, lift impurities, balance uneven tone and stimulate cell renewal, while nourishing Rose Damascena and Shea Butter soften to refine, smooth and revitalise.

Plus it’s suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dull and congested skin so exactly what I need for my skin!

Leeds beauty blog review ESPA

ESPA review

The ESPA Refining Skin Polish is really different to any other exfoliator I’ve tried. It’s quite creamy and light, a fine sandy and gritty texture that you can rub as hard or as gently as you prefer. Although this exfoliator is gentle it really works, more so I’d say than much sharper, more aggressive scrubs on the market. I use this skin polish around 3-4 times a week as I have severely dry skin and I genuinely need to use it this much, for oily skin once a week is best.

ESPA beauty blog review behind the blondeInitially I thought it was quite expensive for the size of the post costing £27, but a little bit really does go a long way. I have been using this exfoliator for around two months now and I’m still using the product that has printed up into the lid. I simply dip my finger into the polish lightly (less than the size of a 5p) and mix it with my Simple cleanser to exfoliate the dead skin off my face. If I want a bit more of a harsh exfoliation I use it on its own on particularly stubborn patches. I actually think this pot will last me years at this rate, so actually, when you work out cost per use it’s probably cheaper and better quality than the cheaper drug store alternatives!

The polish leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean with an instant brightening glow. Once a week I love to use it in the bath, rub it off with a hot flannel and use my Good Things facemask to plump up my new fresh skin followed by the super hydrating No. 7 face moisturiser day and night- which I am loving at the moment (full review to follow).

No7 moisuriser

There is no better feeling the next day when you do your make up and your new silky skin means your foundation just glides on perfectly because you’ve buffed away all the impurities. I always run through this skin routine before a night out to ensure my make up looks dewy and pristine plus having even smooth skin help my make up stay put for the long-haul.

So you guessed it, I would definitely recommend ESPA skin polish to banish your winter skin, in fact one of my friends at work has already gone out and bought it after my recommendation and she loves it too!

Have you tried any other products by ESPA? Let me know I’m keen to try more out now I’ve fallen in love with this one! Also any other tips for dry skin would be much appreciated, I live to hear your thoughts 🙂

Danielle x

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