…well sort of! For a while I had been toying with the idea of going darker with my hair. I always perv on Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous tousled blonde biscuity locks and after watching the last two series of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl I became fixated with Billie Piper and her hair colour, so my decision was made!

Of course you can’t just walk into a hairdressers with an idea in your head, you need to do some serious homework/Pintersting/obsessively collecting pictures every time a new blonde actress, model, blogger appears on your Twitter or Instagram feed. So during this ‘research phase’ I collated at least 25 pictures of hair colours and styles and here are just some of the pictures I took to my hairdresser for inspiration.

blonde hairBlonde hair inspirationI still travel all the way home to Scunthorpe so see my wonderful hairdresser, Amy, partly because she has cut my hair for 3 years and she just knows what I mean and partly because I ain’t gonna be finding someone to cut and colour my hair in the centre of Leeds for less than £90!

And here is the transformation (sorry about the Instagram selfies).

Danielle dark blonde hair before and after

It’s faded quite a bit already as my hair was so porous from all the bleach, but I think the more I get it done the better it will stick and best of all my roots look so much more discreet growing back!