Urban Outfitters BrasLet’s cut to the chase, I do not have big boobs! I’ve always been seriously jealous of curvy girls with full busts who don’t need to wear Primark gel bras to fit in with society. Growing up I have considered having a boob job many a time, but as I’ve gotten older I have somehow come to accept how I am and how my chest looks. Telling myself, ‘this is just how you are supposed to look, you are not supposed to look like Kim Kardashian or Michelle Kegan you are just a mere mortal’.

I guess everyone has their insecurities, I used to think I was too skinny and I would over eat to try and gain weight, my friends would say, ‘OMG Danielle, I wish I could eat all that and look as slim as you’. I’ve also always wanted to be smaller so I could wear heels casually, but other people would tell me how lucky I am to be tall and how they wish they could wear flat shoes more.

My point is, that everyone has their own little niggles, things they would change, tweak or alter on their bodies if they could.

So now that I have learnt to embrace my small boobs, I have a new found love of buying delicate lacey underwear, like these recent purchases from Urban Outfitters. They are actually so flattering on and so much comfier that the underwired padded bras I usually live in – don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t wear these with a tight T-shirt, but with a baggy dress or under a loose shirt they look really pretty.

Urban Outfitter bras

I remember reading an article a while back on the Daily Mail about the rise of the ‘no-cleavage’ cleavage and it made me laugh because I thought, ‘this is fully me!’ Then I looked at the ridiculously gorgeous celebrities they used and I thought, they don’t need boobs it doesn’t even matter, they are beautiful in so many other ways. I think this particular article showcases how good a deep-v-plunge can look on small-breasted women; it oozes style and class without looking tacky. They may not have been blessed with full busts but there are certain styles, which compliment our lack of size – hurrah!

celebrities with no cleavage

Don’t get me wrong I know I am no super model or actress but being able to slightly relate to these gorgeous women in the public eye really helps me to be more confident about my own body. I always think we dress for other women anyway. I am sure that 99% of men would totally disagree with me, prefering big boobs any day and who can blame them I guess! But even if it’s just for us women I am going to embrace my small chest.

Power to the small-breasted women!


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