yellow m&s coat1

Every time I wear this neon yellow baby I get comments from, ‘oh wow I love the colour’ or ‘your coat really stands out – where’s it from?’ to ‘bloody ‘ell I won’t miss you in that, are you stewarding this afternoon or something?’. The point is I can’t wear it without people feeling the need to discuss it, which I think, can only be a good thing! After a recent trip to London I got a few snaps that I thought I could share.

yellow m&s jacket

yellow m&s jacket

yellow m&s jacket

yellow m&s jacketCoat: M&S  Jumper: Zara  Trousers: Topshop

The best thing about this coat is that it was only £59, which I think is an absolute bargain, both for the fact that it isn’t just any old coat, it’s an M&S coat and just generally because I usually budget at least £90 for a great statement winter coat. I also thoroughly enjoy the fact that the only other people I spot in it tend to be 50 plus, the same definitely can’t be said for a number of my beloved Toppers coats.

I’ve looked all over the M&S site but I can’t spot my exact coat on there, but there are some other similar yellow beauties or there are some gems on ASOS.

So, what’s the verdict? Bold, brash or brave – or maybe all three!