Celebrities wearing dungarees

It always helps when confirming a new wardrobe decision to check out what the celebs are wearing. I have been a secret dungarees fan for a while but I’ve not been quite sure how to pull it off. But this season denim has been majorly trending in all the glossies, so I am happy to finally take the plunge and admit that I am going to go ahead and buy some dungarees.

My favourite thing about dungarees is how they can look so casual and effortless but at the same time they are smart and sophisticated! I mean if I could pull them off even half as much as Olivia, Molly or Sarah-Jessica Parker then I will be happy.

So upon starting my online quest for my first pair of dungarees I have found these absolute beauties, which are all available right now…

Dungarees Addition

I am spoilt for choice, which ones would you go for?

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